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Microsoft Azure Components

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webpage4less-novMicrosoft Azure, the cloud computing platform consists of a series of different components that can be used alone but are often used together. Using each of these components as building blocks, any organization can replicate or recreate IT infrastructure online. In this article, we will look at the most used components of Azure.


This is the bread and butter of Azure. It consists of virtual machines, websites and cloud services. Virtual machines are virtual instances of a server running an operating system. Web sites are code based websites that run from the cloud and have no actual server back-end. Cloud services are similar to websites but are low-admin applications that are maintained by Azure and are ideal for large adoption services.

Data management

This is where the data is stored. Individual SQL servers can be created or they can be done one database at a time. This is also where data can be imported and exported. It is highly unlikely these will be created without front-end websites and VM’s. The limits of the databases will be set at the point of creation and some will not allow any future changes.


The final of the basic components. This is where the internal and external networking options are selected and set. Virtual networks can be created and resources such as virtual machines and databases can be assigned. This is also where VPN’s (virtual private networks) can be created and set up to connect to on-premise networks.

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