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Tips For Implementing and Packaging Apps For Mobile Devices

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Building a mobile app that would be capable of running on multiple platforms can be quite a feat. This is due to the different types of OS, screen sizes and capabilities to add for offline usage. The tips below might come handy when developing mobile apps.

Keeping Data Responsive

Data is everywhere and it is used by almost every mobile app that you might come across. Business applications thrive in data. Games as well require the ability to delve into game states and to send scores or moves over the web. Apps would need to be fast in order to be perceived as performing well. It is because of this that the app would be best designed to work on a locally kept copy of data and then the data can be synchronized in an asynchronous manner over the web.

More Sophisticated Data Handling

WebSQL can be used if you would need to persist data between each session on the device. This allows the local and on-device storage of persisted data between each launch of the application. It would also enable you to retrieve data from a subset of SQL. JSON can also be used for the creation and generation of tables in the existent WebSQL database. This would make bridging AJAX results simpler and data would be persistent and easy to query.

Making AJAX Requests

Intel XDK New now comes with jQuery mobile which generates AJAX requests by using $.getJSON or $.ajax. There are however some cross-domain security restrictions associated with this due to the fact that the code is on a mobile device and not fetched from the remote server.