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2 Ways to Optimize Your Site For Mobiles

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No matter what you think, having a mobile-friendly site is hardly a luxury but actually a necessity. This has been made evident by a study conducted by comScore that reveals that mobile usage has exceeded that of desktop usage for the very first time.

If that’s not enough, most mobile users say that they will not return to a particular site if it does not load on their smartphone. And recently, Google said that it would include being mobile-friendly as a factor for search engine ranking.

That said, if you aren’t sure, it’s time to test the site and if it fails, here are two ways to both optimize a website for mobiles:

#1: Creating a Mobile Friendly Version of Your Site

Probably the fastest way to build a mobile-friendly site is to create a mobile version of your desktop site by using a conversion platform such as Duda Mobile and bMobilized. The only problem is that it creates two sites and that means it will be difficult to update both sites at a time. This will frustrate users if they find differences between the desktop and mobile versions.

#2: Utilize Mobile Plugins on CMS Platforms

It goes without saying that Drupal, WordPress and Joomla are the most popular CMS platforms over the internet. What is also true is that they have solutions to ensure that your site is mobile-friendly too. Apart from writing content that is mobile-friendly, it is also a good idea to add features that are used on mobile devices.

In other words, to use mobile plugins such as WPTouch and JetPack for WordPress. As for Joomla, Responsivizer and JoomlaShine while Drupal offers 2 modules such as MobileTheme and ThemeKey.


Selling your products online

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Written by SecureNetShop

Selling your products online is actually quite easier than you think. You can start up your own website or even tie up with an existing one that carries its own shopping cart systems or ecommerce cart software that will allow them to transact and make sales online with customers through their credit cards. To dispel another myth, starting your own online store is not as expensive as you would think. As a matter of fact, it would even be a fraction of what you would pay if you opened up a physical store. Other than that, you do not have to hire as many employees either if you had your own online store as opposed to a physical store.

Selling your products online can be very rewarding as well since you are able to cut down on overhead costs. What that means for you is that you can either slash prices to be more competitive, or maintain prices and maximize profits for every item sold. Delivery of products does not have to be a headache either since third party forwarders and logistics companies can take care of this for you. What you need to worry about is how to keep your online store secure and protected from any hackers or any persons who are looking to steal information or pose as customers without paying for what they’re getting. If you can do that, customer confidence in your store would be high, and you can definitely expect repeat business if your products are good.


You need to have a website shopping cart if you want to make it in the Internet. Otherwise, your online store will only be good for window shopping.


Sell Your Products with SecureNetShop

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By SecureNetShop

A viable ecommerce site involves optimizing a number of factors. If you don’t handle them correctly, you’re liable to lose a lot of money or even see it fall apart. One of these features is definitely the choice you make in your merchant shopping cart. For such a simple thing, there are countless options out there and selecting the right one is essential to your success.

However, companies who want the best go with SecureNetShop. The company has a reputation in the shopping cart systems industry for providing unrivaled services along with their amazing product.

SecureNetShop’s ecommerce shopping cart comes with all the typical features in terms of accepting credit cards, processing them, quickly adjusting costs, etc. You won’t be losing any of the common functionalities by choosing one of their products for your site.

But where they really shine is when it comes to security. Obviously, this is a big issue for every site, especially in the digital age when people could potentially have their information stolen by hackers. This could cost you a lot of money, you reputation or even in legal ramifications.

So if you’re in the market for shopping cart software, you can make the decision easy by heading over to Secure Net Shop today and learning more.


Secure Net Shop is an industry leader when it comes to web shopping cart out there. Every ecommerce company needs a shopping cart on their website, of course, but Secure Net Shop also offers unrivaled expertise and experience.


Tips for Getting More Sales with Shopping Carts

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Shopping carts are found on a lot of websites and they are something that people are getting used to using.  If you are going to be breaking into selling things online, here are some tips for making people want to buy from you.

Have something to track progress on checkout pages – It doesn’t matter how many steps there are in the process, let the customer know where they stand in the process. Number your steps and clearly label the task. Give the shoppers a way to review what was done previously and a way that they can return to their last step if they hit the back button.

Provide links to the products – If they place something into their shopping cart, there should be a link so that they can go back to that item. That will let the shopping easily go back and be sure they’re choosing the right item.  This is going to make your customers a lot happier and give you fewer returns.

Add pictures in the basket – When people are able to see what they are buying with a picture in your basket, they are going to be a lot more likely to buy from you.

If you are interested in knowing more about shopping cart ecommerce or shopping cart software, you can find out about it at www.securenetshop.com. The information there is really great and you can have a lot of your questions answered.  Just take a look and you’ll see what’s there for you.


For more information visit www.securenetshop.com