Understanding Web Hosting

If you are looking up “what is web hosting,” you undoubtedly want to know how to create your website. When it comes to launching your website, web hosting is a need. This post has been written to help you comprehend what web hosting is, why you require it, and how companies like Electric Kitten can assist you in getting started.

What Is Web Hosting?

You can release your website data online using the web hosting service. So, your website is accessible to everyone with internet access. In reality, it typically refers to the support you receive from an online hosting company like Electric Kitten, which provides web hosting in Los Angeles. Although you could technically host a server for your website at home, there are several advantages to using a web hosting service.

Free vs. Paid web hosting

By selecting free hosting, you risk facing issues like intrusive advertising on your page and the domain name in your URL. You have complete control over the content of your website when you pay for web hosting.

There are several reasons to select paid web hosting versus free web hosting, including the following:

Disk space and bandwidth – Free online hosting will only provide its users with a certain amount of disk space and bandwidth. Unlimited bandwidth and disk space are possible with paid web hosting.

Limitations on content – Unlike paid web hosting, the quantity of photos and videos you can post is restricted with free hosting.

Breach of security – Premium web hosting typically has substantially stronger protection. You run a higher chance of a security breach while using a free web server. Hence, it is possible for your customers’ credit card numbers and other data to be stolen.

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