What is a dedicated server?

Blog provided by Electric Kitten A dedicated server is a single physical computer that is leased to an organization or individual and serves as the sole server for that organization or individual. The term “dedicated” means that the computer is completely allocated to one client and not shared with any other entity. The benefits of […]

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Web Development

What is a dedicated server

Article by Rack Alley As the world has become more connected to the internet, websites and computers have become essential for most businesses. For a new business, getting a website hosted and running is quite simple. Since the traffic you are getting won’t be too crazy at the start, so there is no need for […]

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Four critical technical SEO audits

Recently, there have been several announcements in the search space, such as improved JavaScript crawling support, AMP in search results, and the move to a mobile-first index. With all of these changes, there needs to be additional focus on technical SEO audits. Here are the most critical audits that should form the base of your […]

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