Why Is It So Difficult to Get Good Rural Internet?

While many people living in cities, suburbs, and other highly populated areas may take fast, high-quality Internet connections for granted, people living in rural areas are intimately familiar with the lack of Internet access in their sections of the country. The well-documented lack of mainstream Internet service providers doing business in rural America has caused interruptions in several important fields such as education, business, and medicine. Even the government has acknowledged the need for better infrastructure and measures to improve the quality of the Internet for rural areas. However, it will be a while before any infrastructure changes happen, so rural residents will need a reliable rural Internet service provider as an alternative to mainstream Internet providers that cannot reach rural communities.

Most of the best rural Internet service providers today are satellite Internet providers and mobile Internet providers that offer unlimited 4G rural Internet such as UbiFi. Satellite Internet providers include Starlink, Hughes, and Viasat. They provide Internet service by reflecting Internet signals off satellites orbiting the Earth. This gives satellite Internet a wide reach that extends to rural areas, allowing the best satellite Internet providers to offer high-speed Internet anywhere, but at a cost. Potential satellite Internet customers should consider the relatively pricey rates of some satellite Internet plans, along with the high latency inherent to signals from outer space.

In contrast, mobile Internet providers like UbiFi use cell phone towers to provide an Internet signal. Since cell phone towers are ubiquitous, even in many rural areas, UbiFi can provide unlimited high-speed Internet with very low levels of latency. This makes mobile Internet a more viable option for rural residents who wish to participate in online gaming or remote work. Be sure to choose the option that suits your needs best.

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