Mobile 4G Internet May Be Better Than Satellite Internet for Some Rural Residents’ Needs

Because of the ever-present need for alternative rural Internet service providers that can function without the usual infrastructure needed for high-speed broadband internet, mobile 4G Internet providers such as UbiFi and satellite Internet providers like Starlink have been touted as some of the best rural Internet service providers. Both of these are seen as the ideal Internet for rural areas because of their high performance and ability to reach highly remote areas.

However, there are several reasons why you may opt for a mobile Internet provider like UbiFi over even some of the best satellite Internet service providers. First, depending on where you live, mobile Internet can be even faster than satellite Internet with significantly lower levels of latency. If you are situated in the coverage area of a mobile Internet company like UbiFi, mobile Internet’s unique setup gives it an advantage over satellite Internet because of the shorter delay between transmission and reception of data over the Internet. In contrast, satellite Internet has to transmit Internet signals from outer space, creating a much longer delay, resulting in latency.

Secondly, mobile 4G Internet is more flexible than satellite Internet for several reasons. Mobile 4G Internet does a better job of resisting obstructions like trees, bad weather, and hills. In contrast, satellite Internet can be very unreliable and finicky. Furthermore, the data plans offered by mobile Internet can be more flexible. Very few satellite Internet providers offer truly unlimited satellite Internet with no data caps or overage fees. In contrast, you will probably have an easier time finding an unlimited 4G rural Internet provider with no limitations.

Be sure to research mobile Internet providers’ coverage areas, so you can be sure you are getting the best possible service.

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