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What is a dedicated server

Article by Rack Alley

As the world has become more connected to the internet, websites and computers have become essential for most businesses. For a new business, getting a website hosted and running is quite simple. Since the traffic you are getting won’t be too crazy at the start, so there is no need for a dedicated server. However, as your business grows, you might need to upgrade to a dedicated server. For example, if your company develops its own web-based applications, handles huge amounts of web traffic, or needs good web security, having a dedicated server. With a dedicated server, you have access to some of the fastest computer hardware available. Also, most dedicated servers have customization allowing you to choose hardware based on the needs of your website.

You might be thinking to yourself, can’t I just do this by myself? You can, however, running your own server can be very complicated and expensive. Requiring a room just to hold the hardware and IT staff working on the server 24/7 can be difficult for a small startup to manage. This is why many companies rent space from another company that specializes in dedicated servers or cloud hosting. Many companies also make the transition to owning your own dedicated server quite easy with their 24/7 IT help.

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