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Common website design mistakes

For any website or online property, the priority is to keep new visitors on the site long enough to convince them to take an action. The action itself could be to purchase something, or to sign up for a newsletter. Either way, you need to ensure that the visitor does not leave prematurely. There are some common website design mistakes that can lead to high abandonment rates. Here are a few:


There are many reasons your website could be slow. It could be a slow webhost, or it could be a website with too many assets that are not optimized. Just moving to a new host and making sure that all your images, JavaScript, and other assets are optimized can lead a load time reduction of about 90%.


Humans in general like symmetry in design and asymmetry in nature. Anything that adds clutter to an interface leads people to leave in favor of something simpler. A case study in simplicity and minimalism are Apple’s products, including their website.


Every website has a hierarchy that it follows for its content. One thing that every website should avoid is going too deep or coming up with a complicated structure for your content. If it takes too long for someone to find what they are looking for, then you need to fix your structure.

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