The importance of keyword research

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Despite almost every SEO or web design blog placing endless emphasis on the importance keyword research, there is a lot of content online that was written without any keyword research. Keyword research is critical, it can result in better writing, more focus, and better use of the writer’s time.

One common misconception is that you can simply add the keywords you want to target. While this might work in some situations, the better and more productive approach is to write around the target keywords. What a lot of writers don’t realize is that when you focus on keywords, the article becomes more relevant to the user. After all, the user searches for a phrase and the more relevant your article is to the search, the more likely the user will click on a future link from the same site.

Another advantage of using keyword research is putting effort in the correct place. The worse thing that can happen is to put time, effort, and money into great content and realize that there is no search volume for those keywords. Proper keyword research takes volume and the volume of the long tail into account when shortlisting the keywords so that there are eyeballs for those searches.

Correct optimized keyword mapping, along with keyword-based website and category hierarchy are critical for success for a content driven growth strategy.

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