Tips for Getting More Sales with Shopping Carts

Shopping carts are found on a lot of websites and they are something that people are getting used to using.  If you are going to be breaking into selling things online, here are some tips for making people want to buy from you.

Have something to track progress on checkout pages – It doesn’t matter how many steps there are in the process, let the customer know where they stand in the process. Number your steps and clearly label the task. Give the shoppers a way to review what was done previously and a way that they can return to their last step if they hit the back button.

Provide links to the products – If they place something into their shopping cart, there should be a link so that they can go back to that item. That will let the shopping easily go back and be sure they’re choosing the right item.  This is going to make your customers a lot happier and give you fewer returns.

Add pictures in the basket – When people are able to see what they are buying with a picture in your basket, they are going to be a lot more likely to buy from you.

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