Search Engine Optimization 101

The purpose of search engine optimization (SEO) is to increase a website’s ranking in the search engine results pages. In other words, when your website is properly optimized to satisfy the search engines and your target audience, you’re rewarded with more traffic to your website, and ultimately more sales.

However, the practice of SEO involves many elements. Contrary to popular belief, it does not involve an SEO agency cluttering your website with thousands of useless keywords and links. It does making changes to your website’s infrastructure and appearance, from writing accurate page titles to improving the structure of your URLs. Sound complicated? It can be. But a great place to start is content.

The first step to creating a search engine-friendly website is offering your consumers quality content and services. Google describes quality content as, “compelling and useful content,” that will likely improve your website more than any other SEO factors. Once you have quality content featured on your site, chances are consumers will want to talk about it, and this means sharing and discussing your content with friends and family online. The sharing of quality information on the web can be done through social media services, blog posts, email, and other platforms on the web. This type of buzz can greatly improve your site’s ranking as well as your brand. An experienced SEO company can give you more advice on how to create a search-engine friendly site your customers will love.

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