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Revisiting SEO Fundamentals

Posted in Search Engine Marketing  by admin

Article submitted by Richard Yong of www.SEOBuild.net

It’s seems everyone’s on the lookout for the latest web marketing strategies. But sometimes our efforts on finding the latest and greatest online marketing techniques can make us lose sight of the fundamentals, the building blocks of SEO. This is especially true for website owners who might have never had the chance to implement proper search engine optimization strategies before jumping into the ocean of online marketing. 

Whether you need to refresh your memory of SEO fundamentals or learn the basics for the first time, here’s a list of the basic SEO techniques your website can’t live without:

Review and Analysis: Mature websites as well as infant sites require thorough review and analysis. Proper review and analysis makes it possible for site owners to discover major issues as well as areas of improvement, ranging from duplicate content issues to poor-quality links.

Keyword Research and Analysis: This basic SEO technique helps site owners create content that is friendly to users as well as search engines.

Content: Just because you’ve developed quality content, doesn’t mean it will stay fresh and relevant forever. Revisit your website content often to ensure it is up-to-date and useful to your readers.

Link Development: Another SEO basic, maintaining high-quality links isn’t a one-time deal. Continue using new techniques to improve link development, from creating quality blog postings to social bookmarking.

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Search Engine Optimization 101

Posted in SEO  by admin

The purpose of search engine optimization (SEO) is to increase a website’s ranking in the search engine results pages. In other words, when your website is properly optimized to satisfy the search engines and your target audience, you’re rewarded with more traffic to your website, and ultimately more sales.

However, the practice of SEO involves many elements. Contrary to popular belief, it does not involve an SEO agency cluttering your website with thousands of useless keywords and links. It does making changes to your website’s infrastructure and appearance, from writing accurate page titles to improving the structure of your URLs. Sound complicated? It can be. But a great place to start is content.

The first step to creating a search engine-friendly website is offering your consumers quality content and services. Google describes quality content as, “compelling and useful content,” that will likely improve your website more than any other SEO factors. Once you have quality content featured on your site, chances are consumers will want to talk about it, and this means sharing and discussing your content with friends and family online. The sharing of quality information on the web can be done through social media services, blog posts, email, and other platforms on the web. This type of buzz can greatly improve your site’s ranking as well as your brand. An experienced SEO company can give you more advice on how to create a search-engine friendly site your customers will love.

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The Underestimated Power of SEO

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While search engine optimization (SEO) has been around for more than a decade, many entrepreneurs are still not convinced that it is an important part of internet marketing. Does keyword research and SEO really make a difference in the world of organic search engine results? The answer is yes.

SEO companies have the tools and knowledge to help make websites more attractive to search engines and online browsers, pushing them to appear at or near the top of search results of major search engines such as Google and Bing. Why is this so important? Nearly 9 out of ten online browsers utilize search engines over word of mouth or social networking sites to find everything from local restaurants to plane tickets.

And why is ranking high in Google search results so important? Once again, Google Sites led the U.S. search market in October with 65.6 percent market share, according to the most recent data released by comScore. This means that out of the more than 18 billion searches that were conducted in October; more than 11.9 billion of those people used Google.

So whether you own a chain restaurant, a local salon, or a travel agency, chances are potential clients will be using the internet to search for your products or services, even if they don’t purchase them online.

For a business owner, a powerful SEO campaign can not only provide the business with more sales, but also save the company thousands of dollars in marketing and advertising. An SEO agency has the tools and experience to create an effective SEO campaign tailored to your business and services.

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Increase Your Rankings on Search Engines with SEO

Posted in Internet Marketing, Search Engine Marketing  by publisher

Guest Post Provided by Pierre Zarokian of Submit Express

Search engine optimization is a process wherein you place specific keywords in your articles or in your website to help you get on top of search engine rankings. If you have an online business and you want to improve traffic to make more money and to attract new customers, SEO is the answer.

One of the things that you should do to be on top of search engine rankings is to regularly monitor your current ranking. By doing this, you can protect your current standing and make necessary adjustments if needed to reach the top.

Another way for you to increase your ranking is to place keywords which relate to your website strategically on your pages and title tag. This will make you more SEO friendly. You should also be careful as to not to commit keyword stuffing to prevent the spiders from ignoring your website. In general using a keyword up to 3-5 times per 100 words is a good practice.

A very common SEO  strategy is link to your most important internal pages from your main page. This strategy will increase the traffic in your website, especially in pages where visitors rarely get in. You should also make sure that your site navigation can is spider friendly. A good practice is provide text menu links on the bottom of your site

Also, domain names with keywords in them, may have a better advantage. So if you are starting a new website, consider registering a domain with keywords in it.

Finally, don’t forget about link building. The more links to your website from external websites, the better your rankings will be. There are many things you could do to improve your links. Writing articles and submitting them to other sites for publication is one of the best ways, such as what we have done here to improve our own link building. If you have a good website which is content rich, naturally more people will link to it as well.  Consider posting articles on your website or start a blog. Press release writing and distribution is also a great idea. Not only it may result in some traffic, but it will also build some back links once you get some coverage.

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How to find a Good Web Design Company

With so many web designers out there it is very challenging to tell which designer or company is a good company, unless you do some research and are a little technical savvy. Here we will provide you some guidelines on how to find a good web design company.

1- Make sure the company you are picking knows exactly what you want and could deliver all the technical requirements. Often times if you pick an individual web designer, he may be good in graphic design, but not the back end development, often required for more advanced websites that have shopping carts, forms or applications. Make sure you pick a designer that is good in both or has resources to deliver both.

2-Talk to at least 3-5 companies before you pick one. Ask a lot of questions. Check their prices, features and portfolio.

3- Check to see who your competitor used. Often times the name of web designer might be in the footer of the website or may be in the source code.

4- Ask for references and their portfolio. See if they have designed similar websites to what you want in the past.

5- Check the name of the company in the search engines and use next to them words like “scam,” “fraud,” “complaints,” and “rip off.”  If any unsatisfied clients have posted anything negative about them, you may be able to find out this way.

6- Check BBB Better Business Bureau. Most companies doing business over one years should have a profile and customer feedbacks.

7- Don’t always pick the cheapest company. Make sure you feel comfortable with your designer and trust them. You may also consider a small test project first, to see how they perform. For example, you may pay them a small fee and ask for some mock ups before you actually pick them.

8- Choosing local or non-local or offshore companies, may often be a choice that you need to make. We would definitely recommend going local vs. non-local, so you can have in person meetings and you are also in the same time zone and could get a hold of your designer during business hours. However, if you are a little technically savvy or have someone in staff that is a little technically savvy, then you may consider an offshore company that could get the same job done for much cheaper.

9- There are several sites that you could post a job and designers compete and bid on your project. For example: Elance and 99designs.com. For local companies search in search engines and use words such as “web design” plus your city name. You may also look in craigslist or post an ad in craigslist.

10- Keep in mind that a web design by itself will not bring you traffic unless you do some marketing. Search engine marketing or search engien optimization (SEO) is very important. Most web designers will tell you that they will include search engine optimization in the deal. However, keep in mind that a good SEO firm will often cost much more than the price you pay to design your website. For example, for a small website design you may pay $2000, but often you may find that a good SEO company will charge you at minimum $1000/month.So if your designer is telling you that they will include SEO, find out what exactly they will include and compare it to quotes from other SEO firms. We recommend that you keep your web design firm separate from your SEO firm. We also recommend Submit Express Search Engine Marketing Services. They are a company that we used for some of our websites and they have been in business for 1998, so they definitely know what they are doing.

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