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Web designers: what to ask you, clients, before you start

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Modern web designers need to realize that even when it comes to site design, marketing comes first. Very few organizations maintain a presence online purely for informational purposes. With e-commerce and online sales growing, any website should base its construction with marketing as its primary focus. Here are some key points that any designer should clarify before starting work on the new design:


When you revamp an existing website, it is because there is something about it that requires attention. Find out what the three most pressing issues they have with the existing site. Not only will that prevent you from repeating the mistakes, but it will also give you a general idea of what the clients expect from the new site.


Often, the decision maker at an organization will already have an idea of what they consider a good looking website. Find out what sites the decision makers like and what elements of those sites they think could work for their own.


A lot of websites have contracts with SEO organizations that take care of their content and site optimization. Find out if there are any particular requires from the SEO team. Sometimes, entire sections of a website change because another team comes in later and asks for changes in the name of SEO.


Lastly, find out from the client what features, elements, components or design elements of competitor sites they find useful. This together with the frustrations listed above should paint a clear picture of what the client wants in their design.

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