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Client-side scripting languages

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When it comes to web development, there are several layers of development languages. The two primary building blocks are HTML and CSS. Then there are server side scripting languages like PHP, Python etc. These power the dynamic web sites that we come across on the web every day. Another category is client-side scripting languages. These languages download along with the HTML and CSS, and execute locally. It is still a static page, like HTML/CSS, with additional interactivity. These are the most popular client-side scripting languages used today:


When you load a webpage and see animation, games or some form of interactivity, it is most likely to be JavaScript at work. After HTML and CSS, it is the most common scripting language you will see in use. The language works even without an internet connection, as long as the application supports local execution. Even complicated sites use JavaScript for applications thanks to the JavaScript engines of Chrome and Firefox. JavaScript is also popular due to the vast selection of libraries.


ActionScript is the scripting language used for Adobe Flash. There is something to be said for how far Flash spread, that even in its dying days, ActionScript remains one of the most used client-side scripting languages.

For a long time, there was a choice between the two. However, with the end of Adobe Flash in sight, JavaScript will be the predominant client-side scripting language.

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