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The mobile first index: Content design

There is a lot of emphasis on high-quality long form content. The emphasis is justified; quality content will get you backlinks, traffic, and keep your visitors coming back. However, very soon, Google will bring its mobile-first index online, and your mobile pages will be the only ones that people see on mobile phones. It is going to crucial that your content is easy to read on a smaller screen.

Table of contents

The best way to show structure and improve usability for a page on a mobile screen is a table of contents. You can also add HTML anchors and use the listing as links to take the visitor directly to the content they seek.


Not many websites use proper HTML headings anymore. The combination of proper headings and a table of contents will significantly improve the usability and visual hierarchy of a page. A good practice is to use the correct order of headings when dealing with sections and sub-sections.


Tabbed content is only useful in particular instances. However, when it is applicable, it is extremely useful. You can hide content that the user does need to see right away, and the tabs can provide structure to the page.


Webmasters have an obsession with keeping people on site for as long as possible. They need to understand that if a visitor is happy and finds what they are looking for, they will always come back, even if it took the visitor 30 seconds to read it. A summary of everything in the post, right at the top can save a reader a lot of time.

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