The Key to Creating A Business Card

The business card is one of the most important pieces of marketing that a business could use. Many businesses don’t even consider the power of using business cards to lead with and drive potential clients to their business. Using business cards is one of the best lead generation instruments for business’s services and/or products.
The most important key to creating a business card that will attract potential clients involves action instead of providing the basic contact information on the card.

There are rules involved that need to be followed in order to create innovative and moving business cards that will draw in your potential clients to take on a particular action. The formula focuses on using a headline that is an attention getter that will literally grab their attention. Secondly, the headline will engage their attention by promising them a solution to a particular problem. Next the headline will educate them by giving them needed information that covers the values offered. Finally the business card should make them an offer that brings them to act.

The front of the business card will normally look like a typical business card with the business logo, the business name, along with your name and title. The bottom of the card should have the business address including city, state, and the zip code. Remember that your business card is a form of advertisement and will help people to remember your business and who you are as an individual. Print business cards will continue to be a driving force of advertisement. The last line of the business card should be in a different color and say “look on the other side for a special offer just for you.” The interested potential client will not be able to resist turning over that card to learn more about the special offer your business is offering them.
Most business cards are received from the business owner or employees, there is that personal trust level created. The in-person exchange of the business card builds a good rapport with potential clients and increases the chances of a positive response to the offer.

Remember that your potential and current clients are inundated with marketing advertisements and messages daily to the point that they tune all of them out. The use of a business card is usually described as an added unique flavor to the business owners who use them regularly. The business card with the offer in the colored type will interrupt them immediately. When the interested prospect turns the card over, they will see another headline that will engage and grab their attention. This headline promises to solve a major problem, concern or frustration they are having and desire to have it resolved. This is a problem they consistently experience and want to have the problem disappear.

Keep in mind the business card isn’t large enough to educate them on what your business does and they must do almost a double duty of sharing what the product or service is and draws in the potential prospect to act. This can be accomplished by offering an informational packet with a webinar, a report, CD, DVD, or teleconference call. You should consider that there is a possibility of a client becoming easily educated from the business card. With the popularity of social media such as YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook, creating a short 1 to 2 minute video of you being interviewed about your business, areas of expertise or specialties. This video url can easily be added to your business card with the tagline of “check out my expertise yourself!” This will show the client that you are with the current technological times and was able to do that on a print business card. The type of interview you should do is like how the host Larry King did and it will easily put you as an “industry expert.” Create a second video of about the same length offering the prospective client with a reason of why they should take action and contact you. Apply the additional link on your business card which will help interested prospects in taking specific action to respond and choose your business.

Guest post provided by Peter Anderson of Biz Cards.

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