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Three tips for making the most of a website redesign

Most organizations refresh the design of their website once every two years. This update is both a blessing and a curse. It is an opportunity to improve the underperforming parts of your site, but at the same time present the potential for making things worse. Here are three tips for making sure your website redesign is an improvement:

What works

The first step is to gain a thorough understanding of what works on the current website. To preserve existing your SEO, you need to know what works and why. The only way to prevent losing years of SEO work and equity is a proper review of your current setup.

What doesn’t work

As part of the above review, you will also find gaps in your current SEO and structure that you can address as part of the redesign. Most of the gaps you find will exist because fixing them can be disruptive under normal conditions, so take this chance and fix anything you can.

Common issues

There are resources online that list out everything that can go wrong with a website redesign. Many others go through the same issues every year, and we can use that information to prevent making the same mistakes.

Detailed plan

Finally, you need a proper plan down to the last minute detail that shows everything that will change with the new design. The more detail you have, the faster you can fix any issues that come up when you relaunch.

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