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How to Deal With Negative Feedback on Your Website

So how do you deal with customer complaints in a public forum like Facebook or Twitter?

The best way to deal with this situation is to turn it into a positive experience for the customers – which will help your business greatly as well.

So here are a few steps that will help you deal with negative feedback from your customers:



#1: Find out what the issue is
Before responding in defense, first find out why the customer has decided to leave negative feedback. In most cases, it will either be because he or she is looking for a solution or the product or service is faulty and needs to be dealt with.

However, if you feel that the comment is unjustified and isn’t legitimate, then you can feel free to ignore the message.

#2: Respond in a calm and understanding manner and as soon as possible
Whatever you do, being defensive or even deleting the comment is just not the way to go. Customers will notice this almost immediately. In responding to the message in a calm, understanding manner (if you have to) can defuse the situation but work in your favor. And if it’s serious, fix the problem immediately. When you respond immediately to negative feedback, customers will know that you do care about their business.

#3: Respond immediately and involve your customers if need be
It is a good practice to send out surveys to your customers regularly. Involving them in the process of improvement will have great benefit for their business. Also, this will eliminate the complaints that might surface publicly as well.

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