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5 SEO Startups in 2012

With the New Year only a month away, it usually calls for a review of the past year in terms of the SEO industry.

As the internet evolves, SEO continues to be an important element for those who conduct their business online. Keeping this in mind, there are several startups in 2012 that meet the needs of businesses and power internet users.

So, here is a list of 5 SEO startups in 2012:

#1: PlagSpotter

This startup offers a content checking tool – an excellent alternative to CopyScape, which is probably the most popular tool on the web when it comes to protecting original content. Much like CopyScape, it is classified as a duplicate content checking and monitoring tool which will check your URL and throw up a report which will list out external URLs that have duplicated your content.

#2: SEOClearly

What SEOClearly does is produce a set of split tests (A/B) where it tests elements such as copy text, images and layouts to name a few. In order to perform these tests, data is obtained from Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics.

#3: RankPanel

Put simply, RankPanel prepares a summary of SEO statistics for any site but also provides you with keyword-ranking data for over 500,000 pre-selected keywords from 6 countries. However, this is just the beginning as one can also understand whether a study in in-depth SEO statistics are necessary.

#4: Info.gram

This tool makes it very simple to create online charts and infographics by picking pre-designed and embellishing them with images, videos and text.

#5: SRCH2

Considering that search engines are built on software that is almost a decade old, this tool seeks to provide solutions to the search engine industry. Built specifically for enterprise solutions, this tool has features such as forward indexing, error-tolerance and rapid geo-search, making it one of the best enterprise search software.

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