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3 Important Tips to Remember When Writing SEO Articles

Writing an SEO article is tougher than you think. While journalists don’t really have to worry about readership, bloggers or people who write for the web have to, thanks to a reduced attention span and competitors who might have information that is better and will meet their needs, or for that matter, write better SEO articles. Speaking of writing better SEO articles, here are 3 tips that can help you greatly:

#1: Title
Put simply, your title is probably the most important part of your article since it is this line that lures people to read what you’ve written. It’s an art and one that doesn’t come easily but can increase your readership by a mile. It also helps if the primary keyword used in the body of article is a part of the title as well.

#2: Headers
Compared to some newspaper articles where the article is written out from start to end, writing SEO articles involves ‘chunking’ where you can break it up into readable sections called headers. Not only does it increase readability but it also provide opportunities to add your keywords as well.

#3: Keywords & Related Keywords
Speaking of keywords, an important aspect of SEO, it’s important to fit them into the article wherever you can, making sure that it reads naturally. Another excellent practice in writing an SEO article is to add a few related keywords across the article. Not only will this help with ranking on Google but also throw light on what you should write in your article.

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