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3 Little-Known Social Media Tools That Should Be Used

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Guest Post provided Pierre Z. of iClimber


Social media is the new rage. It’s practically everywhere and people are talking about it while they use either for their personal or professional lives. In fact, this social media craze has caught on so much that almost every other week, there is a new social media site that caters to a particular audience.

With this explosion of social media sites, there is a need for professionals to track and monitor the effectiveness of their social media campaign.

So, here is a list of little-known social media tools that should be tried:

#1: TweetReach

This tool will tell you about the reach of your tweets. Very simply, it will tell you how tweets it took to reach certain people while also giving you a number as to how many people your tweet reaches. You will also get information such as how many times you tweets have been shared by retweets or standard tweets even replies.

#2: EditFlow

This open source content management system from WordPress will help you to manage your editorial team flawlessly. You can use the Calendar feature to keep track of your monthly content while also use the ‘user groups’ function to clearly organize a group of writers. This tool comes in handy for those who have a multi-author blog.

#3: ArgyleSocial

This is one of those productivity apps that not only help you to stay organized with your team using Facebook and Twitter but also it also generates reports on of your social media efforts in terms of ROI. This tool is clearly beneficial for those who need to improve their business or need to know how their social media campaign is doing.

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What You Should Know About Social Media

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There are certain attributes of social media that will remain for a long time to come. Keeping these in mind will help you use this powerful mode of networking effectively, and to your advantage as you learn more and more about the ‘reach’ that it offer.

Firstly, social media is simple. All it takes is a simple 5-minute installation or even a few clicks to open a social media account. But this simplicity means that almost anyone can open one of these accounts and making a noise about their product or service. So, what should be the area of focus is how you use social media to make people come back every time for your inputs.


Secondly, social media is a lot about how you apply common sense in communication because it’s really how you talk with someone with the exception that the medium through which you talk to people is very different. So, what you need to keep in mind is that the way you communicate online should be similar to the way you communicate offline because what you say is interpreted by human beings.

Finally, you must remember that using social media to get your message out puts you in the spotlight where each social media community responds to a message differently. Understanding your audience is paramount to being able to get a positive response every time. Also, remember to understand that a lack of transparency will often say much more than you could possibly think. For example, deleting negative feedback from a customer can result in bad press that you can do without.

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Five Steps to Creating a Formidable Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Article Submitted by Space Friender, Social Media Marketing Blog

Numerous articles have been written to cite the benefits or strategies of social media marketing for business. Yet there are very few that actually detail out steps to creating a successful social media marketing strategy, and which can be used as a thumb of rule time and time again.


Step #1: Declaration of Identity

This involves clearly defining who you are, what your value is and where your can be found online. This is done for the sole purpose of informing your customers how you can be of benefit to them. LinkedIn, Ziki and ClaimID are some examples.

Step #2: Identity through Association

This is where the customer associates themselves with your brand by “friending” you, social bookmarking or subscribing for your BlogRoll. StumbleUpon, Furl and Ma.gnolia are some example of where the customer is able to declare their association with you.

Step #3: User-initiated Conversation

This happens most commonly on groups such as Yahoo, Google and AOL Groups where users are able to ask questions or make declarations, and you have to serve them by catering to their questions or needs. Message boards and forums are also examples of this kind of conversation.

Step #4: Provider-initiated Conversation

This is where the service provider will initiate a conversation with its users to find out whether they love or hate their service. Current.tv is probably a shining example of this, while not even being an online company. MySpace, BeBo and Friendster are other examples.

Step #5: In-Person Interaction

Just because you communicate with your customers online that doesn’t mean you can’t do it in person as well. Sites like Upcoming, Eventful can help you find local event or organize your own if you wish to do so.



Kanye West picks one person to follow on Twitter

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Kanye West who has over 450,000 twitter followers and was not following anyone himself, suddently picked one random person to follow last Friday (July 31, 2010). This lucky person is a 19 year old student from England named Steven Holmes, who is not thrilled with the sudden fame. At first, he says, it was fun, but he started getting many calls from reporters, including CNN, BBC and New York Magazine that wanted to interview him. He also been contacted by many individuals who are trying to get Kanye’s attention for business purposes, such sending him demo tapes of their music.

Steven Holmes, who goes by Twitter ID “ste_101”, wrote on his Twitter “”Holy *&$% bro thx for following!” Kanye replied: “You are the chosen one dun dun dun dun.”

The British student has seen his followers grow to over 5000 due to this sudden fame. However, he posted: “This has been completely surreal and I really have no desire for this attention i’m just a normal person. I won’t be speaking to anybody else, surprisingly not everyone wants to be famous. That’s all I’m saying – peace out x.”

Many Twitter users who are business oriented or run businesses are trying to grow their followers, mainly for marketing purposes. The other day I ran into a company that does social media marketing services and can help with building twitter followers. They are called iClimber. Check out their website at www.iclimber.com.

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