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3 Popular Web Strategies That Don’t Work

Staying to the tried and tested is often considered to be a safe choice, whether in the domain of web design or any other profession. Yet it’s also true that taking this kind of an approach will result in lackluster and at best – conventional results.

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Web design strategies – as they’re known – despite being popular don’t always work. Since the first step to true web innovation is recognizing these strategies and discarding them, here are 3 popular web strategies that don’t work:

#1: Being New and Different

What you must keep in mind is the fact that newer is not necessarily better. Well, Google didn’t invent the search engine and neither did Apple create the smartphone, digital user interface. Both these companies made it better. Similarly, trying something new with your website or product won’t necessarily always capture the imagination and get the attention of customers.

#2: Watching your Competitors

Trying to imitate or improve on what your competitors do with their business is usually another strategy that is tried by several businesses. But what if the competition is applying a strategy that is bound to fail?

The focus should really be on pleasing your customers with your website, and not necessarily outdoing your competitors.

#3: The Focus on Features and Technology

Customers usually are interested in useful products. It’s really as simple as that. Similarly, websites designed should avoid the route where technology or a list of features are the focus but continue to follow the simple paradigm of keeping the visitors’ needs in mind more than anything else.

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